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Tue, 31 March 2015.
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Federal Contracts : 2013-12-19 : (Custom Search)

Cyber Centric Mission Support Services

Solicitation Number: HSHQDC-12-R-00036

Agency: Department of Homeland Security

Office: Office of the Chief Procurement Officer

Location: Office of Procurement Operations

Notice Type: MOD


The purpose of this amendment is to inform Industrty that Solicition No. HSHQDC-14-R-00008 for Cyber Centric Mission Support Services was released today and can be retreived via the following links: 

Solicitation External Reference:
Solicitation External Reference To Packages:

No further updates will be posted to this link.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your response on January 30, 2013.

The purpose of this amendment is to provide an update on the release of the final Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Cyber Centric Mission Support Services requirement.

The referenced requirement will be released to Industry via on or before December 20, 2013 under Solicitation No. HSHQDC-14-R-00008.

Thank you for your interest and continue to watch this website for new information.
The purpose of this amendment is to provide an update on the release of the final Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Cyber Centric Mission Support Services requirement.

The anticipated release date for the Cyber Centric Mission Support Services requirement has been confirmed for December 2013.  In accordance with FAR Provision 5.203(c), at a minimum, a 30-day response time will be allowed for receipt of proposals.  The Agency will take into consideration all upcoming holidays when establishing the exact cutoff date for proposal submissions.

Thank you for your interest and please continue to watch this website for future updates.

The purpose of this amendment is to provide an update on the release of the final Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Cyber Centric Mission Support Services requirement.

Due to the unexpected recent government shut down, the projected release date for the Cyber Centric Mission Support Services RFP has been changed from October 2013 to late November/early December timeframe. 

Thank you for your interest and please continue to watch this website for future updates. 
The purpose of this amendment is to provide responses to questions (Batch 2 of 2) received prior to and during Industry Day Sessions 1 and 2.  Questions attached. 

The planned release date for the Final RFP is October 2013.
*****************************************************************The purpose of this amendment is to provide clarification on ALL previously provided due dates in the Draft Request for Proposal.  All previously provided due dates will be updated in the Final Request for Proposal.  The Final Request for Proposal will be released once responses are provided to the final batch of questions (Batch 2 of 2).  Please continue to watch for the final batch of responses to questions and the actual release date for the final Request for Proposal.

The purpose of this amendment is to provide responses to questions (Batch 1 of 2) received prior to and during Industry Day Sessions 1 and 2.  Questions attached.

(Changed 07/22/2013)

The purpose of this amendment is to provide an update regarding (1) Teaming Arrangements and (2) NAICS codes.

(1) Teaming Arrangements

All mentions of "core teaming" will not be included in the final RFP. All teaming arrangements shall be of the Prime Contractor-Subcontractor relationship, in accordance with FAR Part 44, "Subcontracting Policies and Procedures."

(2) NAICS Codes

In the previous draft RFP, several NAICS codes were mentioned for Track 1 (Small Business Set-aside). After review, the following NAICS will be the sole primary NAICS code for Track 1:

NAICS code:  541519
Small Business Size Standard: $25.5M

Additional information regarding all submitted comments will be forthcoming to include responses. The final RFP is expected to be released around mid-late September 2013.

(Changed 07/11/2013)

The purpose of this amendment is to provide the presentation and attendance list from the July 9, 2013 Industry Day for Cyber Centric Mission Support Services.

Questions submitted prior to and on Industry Day will be answered in batches and posted here as soon as possible.

1. Industry Day Slides
2. Industry Day Attendance List

(Changed 06/27/2013)

The purpose of this amendment is to post a DRAFT of the solicitation. DRAFT Request for Proposals (RFP) No. HSHQDC-13-R-00006 and all applicable attachments (listed below) are included in this amendment.

Note : This is a DRAFT RFP and is for informational purposes only .

Questions from Interested Offerors regarding the DRAFT RFP should be submitted using the attached form, "HSHQDC-13-R-00006 DRAFT Question Form" and emailed to CS& by 5:00pm (EST), Tuesday, July 2, 2013 . Questions that are submitted past the closing time or using any other form that is not the attached question form may not be answered.

1. Mission Support RFP HSHQDC-13-R-00006 DRAFT
2. Attachment J1 -SOW Track 1
3. Attachment J2 - SOW Track 2
4. Attachment J3 - List of Acronyms
5. Attachment J4 - IDIQ Pricing List
6. Attachment J5 - Labor Categories and Descriptions
7. Attachment J8 -Past Performance Questionnaire
8. HSHQDC-13-R-00006 DRAFT Question Form


The purpose of this amendment is to announce  DATE CHANGES for the upcoming Industry Day for the Cyber Centric Mission Support Services requirement. 

Due to the large number of responses received to attend the upcoming Industry Day, the Department of Homeland Security had to change the date to Tuesday, July 9, 2013 to accommodate two sessions.  We apologize for any inconviences this may have caused.  This will give all potential Offerors an opportunity to attend. 

The first session is scheduled from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and the second session is scheduled from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.  If you have registered, please provide your session preference.  If you have not registered, please provide your session preference with your registration request.  Please note, session preferences will be granted in the order registration requests were/are received.

Location:   The GSA Auditorium in Washington, DC.  The physical address is 301 7th Street, SW, Washington, DC 20407 and is located directly across from the the L'Enfant Plaza Metro Station.

RSVP:   Potential Offerors are required to RSVP at CS&  with the names of the attendees (no more than three per Offeror) and session preference no later than Friday, June 21, 2013 (extended).  Note:  Industry Day is for informational purposes only.  All slides, minutes, attendance sheet, etc., shall be released after Industry Day.

Draft RFP:   A draft RFP will be posted to this website on or before Wednesday, June 26, 2013 (changed).

The purpose of this AMENDMENT is to delete North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code 519190 and add 541519 and 541820.  Previous submissions to this notice are still valid.  Submission of new capability statements are not required unless the added codes need to be addressed. 

This is a SOURCES SOUGHT NOTICE for market Research only. This sources sought is not a request for competitive proposals; however, any firms believing they can fulfill the requirement may submit a written response within 15 days of the posting of this synopsis, which shall be considered by the agency. The results of the market research will be used to; determine the availability of small, small disadvantaged, HUBZone, woman-owned, and service-disabled veteran owned small business firms that are capable of satisfying the agency's requirement; and the government may use the information provided to develop a comprehensive procurement strategy and solicitation.

1. Purpose of this Sources Sought

The Department of Homeland Security, National Protection and Programs Directorate, Office of Cybersecurity and Communications (CS&C) is soliciting information regarding industry capabilities to provide program management, scientific, engineering and technical support services to enhance security, resiliency, and reliability of the nation's cyber and communications infrastructure.

The NAICS codes of interest include 541611, 541618, 541519 and 541820. 

Any interested party should demonstrate its understanding of the stated requirements and describe its ability to meet them. Potential offerors must be able to provide personnel with the required intellectual depth and experience in Cyber Security, National Security/Emergency Preparedness (NS/EP) and Emergency Communications related matters, issues, strategies, and policies. Potential Offerors must demonstrate capability to train and maintain a knowledgeable workforce. The Government estimates that the total level of effort required to fulfill this requirement will be approximately 200-250 full time equivalents (FTE). Any potential offeror must be able to provide support and operate at full staffing levels (including suitability and security requirements) within sufficient time to support this requirement.

Additionally, performance of the stated requirements will require access to information that may be sensitive or classified. Any potential offeror must be able to provide or obtain the necessary personnel and facilities to accommodate such security requirements. All personnel performing work under the anticipated contract will be required to obtain DHS Suitability prior to beginning work. In addition, all personnel performing work on-site at DHS facilities must obtain at minimum a SECRET clearance based upon an appropriate background investigation. All other personnel, 10%-15%, requiring access to classified information must possess or be able to obtain the appropriate level of clearance (up to the TOP SECRET/SCI level) based upon an appropriate background investigation.

2. Requirement Description

The Contractor shall actively engage the public and private sectors as well as international partners to to assist with preparing for, preventing, and responding to catastrophic incidents that could degrade or overwhelm the nation's cyber and communications infrastructure.  CS&C has two overarching priorities: (1) to build an effective national cyberspace response system; and, (2) to implement a cyber risk management program for critical infrastructure protection. As such, the Contractor shall provide the full breadth of technical expertise required to achieve broad strategic National level goals in a highly dynamic security threat environment to include coordinating and integrating efforts across many complex information technology disciplines to implement National level strategies. Efforts shall also include proactive management of cyber risks, analysis of emerging cyber threats, technology development, security management; network and infrastructure security; software compliance and assurance; supply chain risk management; information sharing across the Federal, state, tribal, local Governments and the private sector; promoting and facilitating cybersecurity training and education at the national level; research and standards integration; supply chain risk management; critical infrastructure protection and awareness; control systems security and international affairs to build situational awareness, strengthen operational information sharing, improve incident response capabilities, contribute to cybersecurity capacity building efforts, coordinate strategic policy issues and the technologies required to secure cyberspace at the National level; professional business and administrative management; asset management; and facilities planning.

The proposed effort will support the following programs: Divisions within NPPD/CS&C to include the CS&C Office of the Assistant Secretary (OAS), National Cyber Security Division (NCSD), the National Communications System (NCS), the Office of Emergency Communications (OEC) and the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) (see Attachment 1).

3. Capability Statement Submission Instructions

Interested parties should submit a tailored capability statement for this requirement not to exceed fifteen (15) pages (including any attachments) that clearly details the firm's ability to perform the aspects of the requirement described within this Sources Sought. Interested parties must articulate its qualifications and capability for each NAICS code area of work, 541611, 541618, 541519 and 541820. Specifically, the Government requests that capability statements include the following information:

a) Provide the business name, a point of contact, address, and DUNS number.
b) Provide an indication of current certified business and socioeconomic status; this indication should be clearly marked on the first page of the capability statement.
c) Provide a statement or explanation of the company's background, technical expertise, experience, staffing, and other capabilities that demonstrate the company's ability to perform the stated services and requirements by each NAICS code 541611, 541618, 541519 and 541820.
d) Provide any relevant examples of similar performance or involvement with similar contracts or projects. Relevant examples must be comparable work performed within the past 5 years with a brief description of the project, customer name, and timeliness of performance, customer satisfaction, and dollar value of the project. Provide at least 3 examples.
e) Provide an assessment of the company's ability to fully staff the anticipated contract with personnel knowledgeable in the business and technical areas noted (with final clearance and suitability) within 30 days after contract award.
f) Provide an assessment of the company's capability to train and maintain personnel knowledge and skills required to accomplish the work by each NAICS code 541611, 541618, 541519 and 541820.
g) Provide a summary of the company's facility and personnel clearance levels or the company's ability to obtain such clearances within a sufficient time to support this requirement.

In addition, respondents should provide ample contact information, including telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, to facilitate clarifications or further discussion if determined necessary by the Government.

Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Electronic files larger than 5 MB shall be broken down into multiple files with no one file exceeding 5 MB. Each electronic submission shall include:

a) Sources Sought number and "Capability Statement" in the subject line.
b) If the submission includes more than one electronic email, the file number and total files being submitted (e.g., File 1 of 4, File 2 of 4, etc.) in the subject line.
c) In the body of the email, include a Point of Contact (POC), phone number, and email address of the person to be contacted regarding any correspondence between the Government and the vendor. This person should be a primary contact and capable of addressing questions or issues associated with the submission or content of the capability statement.
d) Include a brief summary of the email's content, the vendor's name, and mailing address.
e) The capability statement attachment.
All capability statements sent in response to the Sources Sought must be submitted electronically (via e-mail) at the following email address, , no later than 2:00 pm EST, on Friday, August 17, 2012. Capability statement receipt time will be determined by the recorded time of receipt in the email box. In the event submissions include multiple electronic files, all files must be received in the electronic mail box by the due date specified above to be considered timely.

This Sources Sought is being sought strictly for the purpose of gaining knowledge of services and solutions available and should not be construed as intent, commitment, or promise to acquire services, or solutions offered.

Contracting Office Address

Office of the Chief Procurement Officer Washington DC 20528


Kerri B. Williams, Contracting Officer, Phone 2024470653, Email - Keena Lewis, Contract Specialist, Phone 202-447-0812, Fax 202-447-5749, Email

Place of Performance

Washington DC Metro area US

Additional Information

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General Info

Posted: 2013-12-19
Response Date: 0000-00-00
Archive Date: 0000-00-00
Set Aside: N/A
Classification Code: Professional, administrative, and management support services
NAICS: Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services