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Thu, 26 February 2015.
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Federal Contracts : 2013-03-11 : (Custom Search)

Y--FY13 SOF Battalion Operations Facility, Project 69445, JBLM, WA

Solicitation Number: W912DW-13-R-0014

Agency: Department of the Army

Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Location: USACE District, Seattle

Notice Type: ARCHIVE


The point-of-contact for administrative or contractual questions is Kevin Mulvihill at email: Please no phone calls. All questions must be submitted in writing to the above point-of-contact.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District (NWS) intends to issue a Two-Phase Design- Build (DB) for the design and construction of the FY13 SOF Battalion Operations Facility, Project 69445, located at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), Washington. Response to this acquisition is Unrestricted---Open to both Large and Small Businesses and will be issued as a Two Phase Request for Proposal which will result in the award of a single Firm Fixed Price (FFP) Design-Build Construction contract. Phase 1 of the Solicitation will be available on or about 29 January 2012 on the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website at The Phase 1 Proposals will be due approximately 30 days later. The solicitation, including any amendments, shall establish the official proposal due dates, times, mailing address and location for delivery.

Primary facilities are a Special Operation Forces (SOF) Battalion Operations (BnOps) complex. The BnOps is a standard-design two-story consolidated Battalion Headquarters with a four-Company Operations Facility (COF) including hardstand with integrated overhead protection (gross area of 124,000 square feet) to be constructed in the East Compound. The new building will have a 44-foot setback from the existing structure. Two Deployment Equipment Storage Buildings (DESBs) (gross area of 12,000 square feet) are included to support FY13 BnOps and FY12 COF facilities with associated hardstand and loading/service areas. Additional facilities include a small Battalion Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility (TEMF), Military Working Dog (MWD) Kennel, Communications Data Center, Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAV) Facility, and a Maintenance Facility.

The TEMF facility (12,500 gross square feet) includes oil and hazardous storage buildings, an area for open storage of classified information, and the secure organizational vehicle parking required for tactical vehicles and loading/service areas (32,000 square yards). The parking and its fencing will match the existing pavement and tie into the existing fencing of the adjacent TEMF
and organizational parking area. The MWD Kennel consists of a single-story building (minimum 12,000 gross Square feet) with 18 kennels (24 kennels are preferred) which will replace the existing facility (building 9988) in the East Compound. The existing facility, which is used jointly by the Rangers, will be demolished as part of this project after new facilities have been constructed for both the 1st SFG (A) and Rangers. The new facility will connect to an indoor/outdoor kennel and an adjacent exterior training yard with an obedience course and individual exercise areas for canines. Associated POV parking will be provided, along with a secured outdoor storage area and secured explosive storage container. The training complex will be located within a secured 8-foot chain-link perimeter fence, screened with vertical inserts in all areas. The break area, exercise area, and obedience course will also be fenced, with the exterior fence buried a minimum of 6 inches below grade. The explosive storage container will be enclosed within an 8-foot chain-link fence, but will not be screened on any side facing the administration building. The Communications Data Center consists of a 40 x 48-foot building (gross area 1920 square feet) with a vault below in the West Compound. Six-foot chain link fencing will be provided around the building and exterior equipment will be placed a minimum of 20 feet from the building walls and will comply with Standard Fence Drawing STD 872-90-03. A pedestrian gate and a 12-foot gate for vehicle access will be provided. The TUAV facility includes a single-story maintenance, administrative, and operations facility (9,510 square feet) in the East Compound. The Maintenance Facility will replace an existing facility within the SFG East Compound; the existing woodshop facility will be demolished as part of this
Project and its functions relocated in the Logistics Center as a single-story facility (7,960 square feet).
The project site is located on JBLM requiring an enhanced emphasis on construction site and contractor lay down area 'housekeeping' activities, standards, and procedures will be required year-round, throughout construction. The estimated overall period of performance for this acquisition is 730 calendar days from the issuance of Notice to Proceed (NTP). The Government will accept proposals from all offerors that qualify under NAICS code 236220. The design and construction costs limitation (CCL) will be subject to the funds available for this project. The total contract award shall not exceed an estimated $40,487,000.00 for this contract. The exact amount of the CCL will be established, updated and posted in the Phase 1 Solicitation. This announcement serves as the advance notice for this project.
To view or download the solicitation requires registration at the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website at Downloads are available only through the FBO website. The Government will post the RFP and specifications on the FBO site and it will be password protected. Any amendments will only be available from the FBO website. Offerors are responsible for checking the FBO website frequently for any update(s) to this Pre-Solicitation Announcement or amendments to the Solicitation. The website is occasionally inaccessible due to maintenance. The Government is not responsible for any loss of internet connectivity or for an offerors inability to access the document(s) at the referenced website.

The point-of-contact for administrative or contractual questions is Kevin Mulvihill at email: Please no phone calls. All questions must be submitted in writing to the above point-of-contact.

Contracting Office Address:
USACE District, Seattle, ATTN: CENWS-CT, PO Box 3755, Seattle, WA 98124-3755

Place of Performance:
Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Pierce County, WA

Contracting Office Address

USACE District, Seattle, ATTN: CENWS-CT, PO Box 3755, Seattle, WA 98124-3755


Sonia Frees, 206-764-3516 USACE District, Seattle

Place of Performance

USACE District, Seattle ATTN: CENWS-CT, PO Box 3755 Seattle WA 98124 US

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Posted: 2013-03-11
Response Date: 2013-03-01
Archive Date: 2013-03-11
Set Aside: N/A
Classification Code: Construction of structures and facilities
NAICS: Commercial and Institutional Building Construction