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Sat, 28 March 2015.
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Thomas J Nugent JR

Issaquah WA US

Application Assignees

Searete LLC a limited liability corporation of the State of Delaware14
Searete LLC1

Patent Applications

Pub DatePub NumberApp NumberApp DateTitle
2012-12-1320120313451135903202012-08-21BEAM POWER WITH MULTIPLE POWER ZONES
2012-02-0920120032530133170722011-10-07Beam power with multipoint broadcast
2012-01-1220120007445131999802011-09-14Beam power with receiver impingement detection
2011-12-2920110316354131998002011-09-09Beam power with multipoint reception
2010-12-2320100320366128044332010-07-20Beam power with beam redirection
2010-04-2920100104822123218702009-01-26Optical and metamaterial devices based on reactive composite materials
2010-04-2920100104823123815322009-03-11Reactive composite material structures with multiple reaction-propagation circuits
2010-04-2920100104834123780862009-02-09Foam-like structures based on reactive composite materials
2010-04-2920100104848122918402008-11-12Foam-like structures based on reactive composite materials
2010-04-2920100102921123815312009-03-11Electrical closing switch made from reactive composite materials
2010-04-2920100104493123815332009-03-11Reactive composite material structures with endothermic reactants
2010-04-0120100078995122867552008-09-30Beam power with multipoint reception
2010-04-0120100079005122867582008-09-30Beam power with multiple power zones
2010-04-0120100079008122867352008-09-30Beam power with broadcaster impingement detection
2010-04-0120100079009122867372008-09-30Beam power with multipoint broadcast
2010-04-0120100079010122867402008-09-30Beam power for local receivers
2010-04-0120100079011122867412008-09-30Beam power with beam redirection
2010-04-0120100079012122867442008-09-30Beam power with receiver impingement detection
2009-11-1920090283534121524652008-05-13Storage container including multi-layer insulation composite material having bandgap material and related methods
2009-11-1920090286022121524672008-05-13Multi-layer insulation composite material including bandgap material, storage container using same, and related methods
2009-07-0220090171547120062372007-12-31Traffic-sensitive engine control
2009-07-0220090171548120062622007-12-31System and method for operating a vehicle
2009-07-0220090171549120062742007-12-31Condition-sensitive exhaust control
2009-07-0220090171555120062682007-12-31System and method for remotely modifying vehicle operations