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Sun, 29 March 2015.
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Ink supply unit for an ink jet printer


An ink supply unit is provided for supplying ink to a printhead in a printer. The supply unit includes an elongate housing defining a longitudinally extending channel. A baffle member is configured to be received in the channel to define ink chambers which can each contain a respective type of ink. The baffle member is configured to inhibit excessive movement of ink in each chamber. An elongate manifold defines a plurality of sets of ink passages and is configured to be located with respect to the baffle member so that ink from each ink chamber can be provided to a respective set of ink passages. The manifold further defines a recess in which an ink ejecting printhead can be received. Each ink passage tapers to define a respective outlet located within the recess which can be engaged in fluid communication with the printhead.

Filed on: 2006-10-10; Application Number: 11544577


Kia Silverbrook




Silverbrook Research Pty Ltd