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Thu, 26 March 2015.
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Inkjet printer with folding input tray


An inkjet printer includes a body defining a print media path along which print media can pass. A disposable printhead assembly is arranged within the body and is configured to print upon print media passing along the print media path. A print media input tray is pivotally mounted with respect to the body for locating the print media in register with the print media path. A print media feed arrangement is configured to feed the print media from the input tray and along the print media path. Printer controller circuitry is arranged in the body and is operatively connected to the printhead assembly and print media feed arrangement to control operation of those components.

Filed on: 2006-11-06; Application Number: 11592985


Kia Silverbrook
Simon Robert Walmsley
Paul Lapstun




Silverbrook Research Pty Ltd