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Sat, 28 March 2015.
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Method for purifying dianhydrides


A method for purifying dianhydrides is provided. In one aspect, purified oxybisphthalic anhydrides, intermediates useful in the preparation of polyetherimides are provided. In one embodiment, a first solution containing a dianhydride compound, a solvent, and a phase transfer catalyst is contacted with a solid inorganic adsorbent material having a total pore volume of about 0.5 milliliters/gram or greater and a cumulative pore volume distribution of about 20 percent or greater of particles having a pore diameter in a range between about 3 nanometers and about 20 nanometers. The solution containing the dianhydride compound is then separated from the solid inorganic adsorbent material to provide a purified dianhydride compound which is substantially free of the phase transfer catalyst. The purification technique is especially valuable for preparing high purity oxybisphthalic anhydrides, such as 4,4"-oxybisphthalic anhydride (4,4"-ODPA), which are substantially free of residual phase transfer catalyst.

Filed on: 2006-11-22; Application Number: 11603764


David Bruce Hall
Albert Santo Stella


Andrew J Caruso;General Electric Global Research