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Sat, 28 February 2015.
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Communications systems and methods using phase vectors


A transmitter for use, for example, in an OFDM communication system transmits a plurality of signals simultaneously to one or more receivers. Each signal carries data. At the transmitter, a suitable phase vector is selected from among a plurality of available phase vectors to apply to the plurality of signals. Each available phase vector comprises a plurality of phase elements each of which corresponds to one or more of said signals and sets a phase adjustment to be applied by the transmitter to the corresponding signal(s). The suitability of each available phase vector may be judged based on a peak-to-average power ratio reduction achievable by applying the phase vector concerned to the plurality of signals. The selection of the suitable phase vector is initially limited to phase vectors belonging to a first set of the available phase vectors, and is expanded to further phase vectors outside said first set when no suitable phase vector is found in the first set. This can save processing burden in the transmitter.

Filed on: 2006-10-24; Application Number: 11585232


Saied Abedi




Fujitsu Limited