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Mon, 30 March 2015.
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Electrical signal-processing device integrating a flux sensor with a flux generator in a magnetic circuit


An electrical signal processing device includes at least one thin film flux generator and at least one thin film magnetic sensor. Each flux generator includes at least one conductive induction line that is connected to at least one lead of a pair of input leads, and a yoke that surrounds the conductive induction line. The yoke has at least one pair of pole tips, and a gap is disposed between the end surfaces of each pair of pole tips. A magnetic sensor is disposed in the gap, and a pair of output leads is connected to the sensor. An alternative embodiment may include two or more conductive induction lines that are connected to respective separate pairs of input leads. Alternatively, two or more conductive induction lines may connect to one another to form an induction coil. The flux generator and magnetic sensor are preferably formed on a single substrate to create an integrated device.

Filed on: 2006-11-13; Application Number: 11598886


Michael Andrew Parker