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Sat, 28 February 2015.
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Method and apparatus for implementing secure clock in device having no internal power source


A method and apparatus for implementing a secure clock having no internal power source are disclosed. The apparatus accesses a host device having an internal power source and transmits and receives data. The apparatus includes a clock control unit, a counter, and a time information unit. The clock control unit performs control such that the time information of the host device is acquired and a counter value corresponding to the acquired time information is set, when the clock control unit is connected to the host device and is supplied with power from the host device. The counter changes the set counter value in steps of a predetermined value at regular time intervals while the power is supplied. The time information unit updates current time information to correspond to the changed counter value while the power is supplied.

Filed on: 2006-12-06; Application Number: 11634101


Yun sang Oh
Kyung im Jung
Suk bong Lee
Sang gyoo Sim