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Sun, 29 March 2015.
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Reflective image objects


A method of computer graphics is shown for rendering reflections on surfaces of a three-dimensional object. An environment image to be reflected is determined and a normal vector is computed for at least one reflective vertex of the object; the normal vector is rotated into view-space and an environment map of the image to be reflected is computed using a reflection vector determined on the basis of the rotated normal vector; the opacity of the vertex is determined as a function of an angle between the viewpoint vector and the normal vector; the colors of the object are determined by blending its colors with the colors of the object's background as a function of the opacity; and the object and the environment map are drawn on the object by adding the color values of the environment map to the color values of the object.

Filed on: 2005-12-19; Application Number: 11313279


Jaakko Keranen




Nokia Corporation