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Tue, 3 March 2015.
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Method for graphically following a movement of a medical instrument introduced into an object under examination


The invention relates to an apparatus and a method for graphically following movements of a medical instrument introduced into an object under examination, with a plurality of projection data sets being obtained from an x-ray beam passing through an examination area and delimited by a beam delimiting surface, in which a part of the medical instrument is guided, and with a three-dimensional image data set of the examination area being determined and represented graphically from the projection data sets. By determining three-dimensional image data sets successively with an image determination rate that is selected so that the movement of the medical instrument is able to be followed, the method and the apparatus can follow a moving medical instrument introduced into the examination area over the duration of a medical intervention and guarantee good accessibility to the object.

Filed on: 2007-02-08; Application Number: 11704410


Jan Boese
Marcus Pfister


Siemens Corporation;Intellectual Property Department