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Sat, 28 March 2015.
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System and method for tuning power consumption and group delay in wireless RFICs


The present disclosure relates generally to systems and methods for tuning power consumption and group delay in circuits such as radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs). In one example, a system includes first and second gating blocks configured to reduce a first clock signal operating at a first clock rate to a second clock rate and a third clock rate, respectively. A first processing block coupled to the first gating block operates at the second clock rate. A second processing block is coupled to the first processing block and the second gating block, and operates at the third clock rate. The first processing block changes a flag state from a first state to a second state when transmitting a first data sample to the second processing block, and changes the flag state from the second state to the first state when transmitting a second data sample to the second processing block.

Filed on: 2006-09-18; Application Number: 11522742


William Milton Hurley