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Fri, 27 March 2015.
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System and method for downloading multimedia events scheduling information for display


A system for displaying information may include memory, one or more processors, and one or more modules stored in memory. The one or more modules are configured for execution by the one or more processors and may include instructions for: presenting a subset of a collection of data on a first grid having a first axis corresponding to units of time and a second axis, the collection of data comprising data representing time-bounded events; presenting a second grid having, first and second axes corresponding to the first and second axes of the first grid, the second grid corresponding to a larger portion of the collection of data than the subset presented on the first grid; and presenting a user moveable window for selecting a portion of the second grid, and selecting the subset presented on the first grid in accordance with a current position of the window.

Filed on: 2006-12-29; Application Number: 11618648


Thomas H Taylor
Marisa Bauer
John Wayne Blackburn
David A Brown
Neha Gupta
Timothy Dharma Heilman
Manish Gordhan Patel
David Scott Reiss
Mehran Sahami
Maricia Scott
Alice Tull
Mark Wagner
Lucy Congyun Zhang
Daniel John Zigmond
Richard Carl Gossweiler