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Sun, 1 March 2015.
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Startup Torque Transmitting Mechanism of an Internal Combustion Engine


An outer race support plate to which torque of a pinion gear is transmitted from a ring gear via a one-way clutch and thus rotates a crankshaft is provided separately from a flywheel and is mounted to the crankshaft not via the flywheel. As a result, impact noise produced when the one-way clutch engages is not directly transmitted to the flywheel. Accordingly, noise radiation from the flywheel can be suppressed, thereby enabling noise to be reduced.

Filed on: 2006-07-25; Application Number: 11997055


Makoto Ishikawa
Toshiaki Asada
Kazuhito Sakai
Tomoaki Suzuki
Toshimitsu Shiba