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Fri, 27 March 2015.
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System and Method For Storing State Information


A method for storing state information, the method includes storing, at a first circuit, state information representative of a state of a second circuit while the second circuit enters a low power mode; characterized by receiving an indication that a task switching from a first task to a second task should occur; storing a state information representative of a state of the second circuit, at the first circuit; receiving an indication that the first task should be resumed; and writing the stored state information from the first circuit to the second circuit. A system includes a first circuit and a second circuit, whereas the first circuit is connected to the second circuit and is adapted to store state information representative of a state of a second circuit; characterized by including a controller adapted to control a storage of the state information if at least a portion of the second circuit is powered down or if the second circuit is associated with a task switching operation.

Filed on: 2005-09-21; Application Number: 12067587


Michael Priel
Dan Kuzmin
Leonid Smolyansky




Freescale Semiconductor Inc