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Thu, 26 March 2015.
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Apparatus and Method For Generating Frequency-Locked Optical Comb Sources


Frequency-locked optical comb sources are provided that utilize recirculating frequency shifting based on frequency conversion in a modulator, together with a filter. The filter may be a wavelength notch filter and include a plurality of notches. An example apparatus includes a coupler, an I/Q modulator, and a filter. A first input of the coupler receives a first input optical carrier having a first frequency, and a second input of the coupler re receives a set of frequency-shifted carriers from the filter. The input optical carrier may have a plurality of frequencies. The I/Q modulator shifts the frequency of a first output of the coupler. The filter filters modulated output from the I/Q modulator thereby limiting the frequency-shifted carriers to be within an optical bandwidth. A second output of the coupler provides a plurality of frequency-locked carriers containing the first input optical carrier and the set of frequency-shifted carriers.

Filed on: 2010-01-11; Application Number: 12685470


Chandrasekhar Sethumadhavan
Robert William Tkach