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Sat, 31 January 2015.
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General Electric Company

Patent Applications

Pub DatePub NumberApp NumberApp DateTitle
2010-04-1520100092298122491192008-10-10AIRFOIL SHAPE FOR A COMPRESSOR
2009-02-1920090047132118396292007-08-16DURABLE BLADE
2009-01-2220090022592118799282007-07-19Clamped plate seal
2008-05-0120080101959115869522006-10-26Rotor blade profile optimization
2008-02-2120080044289115071162006-08-21Tip ramp turbine blade
2008-02-2120080044290115071212006-08-21Conformal tip baffle airfoil
2008-02-2120080044291115071322006-08-21Counter tip baffle airfoil
2007-10-1820070243068112090852005-08-22Tip cambered swept blade
2007-05-1720070110585112831162005-11-17Rotor blade for a wind turbine having aerodynamic feature elements
2007-05-0320070098552112598992005-10-27Blade for a rotor of a wind energy turbine
2007-03-2220070065290112326262005-09-22Wind turbine rotor assembly and blade having acoustic flap
2007-03-0120070048143112144992005-08-30Stator vane profile optimization
2007-02-2220070041841112047182005-08-16Methods and apparatus for reducing vibrations induced to airfoils
2007-02-0120070025856111938842005-07-29Multi-piece passive load reducing blades and wind turbines using same