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Sat, 28 February 2015.
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General Electric Company

Patent Applications

Pub DatePub NumberApp NumberApp DateTitle
2008-10-0220080241041117284452007-03-26Nano-scale metal oxyhalide and oxysulfide scintillation materials and methods for making same
2007-08-1620070186473113562662006-02-16Methods and systems for advanced gasifier solids removal
2007-06-1420070130832113018062005-12-13Methods and apparatus for converting a fuel source to hydrogen
2007-06-0720070124997112954032005-12-06System and method for producing synthesis gas
2007-05-3120070122339112876442005-11-28Methods and apparatus for hydrogen production
2007-01-0420070000176111722622005-06-30System and method for hydrogen production