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Sun, 21 December 2014.
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General Electric Company

Patent Applications

Pub DatePub NumberApp NumberApp DateTitle
2010-02-2520100043924123171762008-12-18Local heat treatment for improved fatigue resistance in turbine components
2010-01-1420100006185117865322007-04-12Amorphous metal alloy having high tensile strength and electrical resistivity
2008-10-1620080253922117869962007-04-13Method for roughening metal surfaces and article manufactured thereby
2007-05-1020070104607112612472005-10-28Silver/aluminum/copper/titanium/nickel brazing alloys for brazing WC-Co to titanium alloys
2007-02-0120070023109111894122005-07-26Refractory metal intermetallic composites based on niobium-silicides, and related articles