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Sun, 29 March 2015.
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After nearly seven years of providing public data, we have decided to shut down the website. Our final day of operation will be March 31, 2015. Thank you for using!

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General Electric Company

Patent Applications

Pub DatePub NumberApp NumberApp DateTitle
2008-11-1320080278488118007422007-05-07Methods and apparatus for volume rendering
2008-08-0720080186311117017602007-02-02Method and system for three-dimensional imaging in a non-calibrated geometry
2008-02-0720080030501114976112006-08-02System and methods for rule-based volume rendition and navigation
2007-05-1020070103459112681902005-11-07Method and apparatus for integrating three-dimensional and two-dimensional monitors with medical diagnostic imaging workstations
2007-03-2220070063998112316582005-09-21Self-learning adaptive PACS workstation system and method