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Sun, 1 February 2015.
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General Electric Company

Patent Applications

Pub DatePub NumberApp NumberApp DateTitle
2010-12-3020100329412124943952009-06-30SYSTEM FOR DAMPENING VIBRATION
2009-03-1220090067564118507072007-09-06System For Exchanging A Control Rod Drive
2008-08-2820080205577117116142007-02-28Systems for aligning and handling fuel rods within a nuclear fuel bundle
2008-06-1220080137796112953522005-12-06Method for reducing carbon steel corrosion in high temperature, high pressure water
2007-08-0220070177708113425612006-01-31Method and apparatus for removing tack welds on reactor vessel components in a nuclear reactor
2007-07-0520070153955113256442006-01-04System and method for collecting and transmitting nuclear reactor control rod position information
2007-07-0520070153956113254592006-01-05Absorber tube for BWR control rods
2007-07-0520070153964113256512006-01-04Method and device for stabilizing a steam dryer assembly in nuclear reactor pressure vessel
2007-05-3120070121776112895552005-11-30System and method for multiple usage tooling for pressurized water reactor