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Wed, 28 January 2015.
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General Electric Company

Patent Applications

Pub DatePub NumberApp NumberApp DateTitle
2010-05-0620100109831122632222008-10-31INDUCTION COIL WITHOUT A WELD
2009-04-3020090108976119317532007-10-31TRANSFORMER BOBBIN WITH ISOLATION WIND
2008-07-2420080174397116554122007-01-19High quality factor, low volume, air-core inductor
2008-06-1920080143465116397252006-12-15Insulation system and method for a transformer
2007-06-1420070132537112971582005-12-08Transformer and method of assembly
2007-03-2920070069843116035562006-11-22Thermal management apparatus and uses thereof
2007-03-1520070057754112259572005-09-14Systems and methods for passively shielding a magnetic field